Art is for human thought

Elio Grazioli

Pierluigi Fresia was born in Asti in 1962. Rather than relying on concepts or learning through training, he focuses on what makes his heart “beat” and tries to express the real story inside an image. What did he find in the mountains and valleys that he captured in his photographs? We cannot help but imagine the loneliness of an empty horizon, a lighted window sometimes visited by animals, or a place without the silhouettes of even the people living there. On the other hand, the symbols of the development of humankind – customs, fences, discarded tires, cut down trees, crowded places, walls – and his photographs of pure landscapes and mountains are the most impressive. The mountains are like basins. Fresia is telling a very long story about truly creating “completeness”, which has never been photographed before, or completeness in a special sense. He produces images and stories at the same time. The unique situation where he asks what we experienced or are experiencing or tell stories that we cannot miss is integrated and brought to life in his works. These scenes are images of different thoughts and complete stores that already exist in our minds. They are not conceptual art as we understand it, but something special and different(altro). Fresia offers another perspective, that “art is for human thought,” through sadness, a symbol of deep meditation.

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